A-Hole Juan Williams Just Called Kellyanne A Bad Mother, Kellyanne Destroyed Him With Brutal Slam

by Chris Reynolds 0


It’s disgusting how liberals pretend to be behind the cause of women’s right and advancements, and never waste an opportunity to take a potshot at conservatives in trying to paint them as being anti-women. But, of course, when presented with the actual case of a successful woman, they always try to tear her down.

A classic example of this occurred recently with former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who recently accepted as job as a strategist for Trump who he assumes the White House. Of course, Juan Williams questioned her decision and tried to insinuate that she was being a bad mother for taking the job.

Said Maria Bartiromo to Kellyanne in a recent appearance on Fox, “It’s funny, we were talking with Juan Williams earlier, and he was questioning, ‘Well, Kellyanne has four kids. How’s she going to do it?’”

Kellyanne made short work of Juan’s bigotry, saying, “I would say that I don’t play golf and I don’t have a mistress, so I have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don’t. I see people on the weekend spending an awful lot of time on their golf games and that’s their right, but the kids will be with me, we live in the same house, and they come first.”

She added, “Everyone has to do what’s best for their family and that’s why I didn’t jump immediately on a position that was offered to me early in the transition because there’s a lot to weigh. My children are 12, 12, 8 and 7, but I certainly hope too that we continue the conversation as a nation about the balance that many men and women face.” How do you love how Kellyanne zinged him?