Acosta Says “I’m Not Trying To Be The Story” Immediately After Doing Viral Stunt For Attention

by Donald 0

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CNN host Jim Acosta was interviewed on the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. During the interview, Acosta claimed that he never wants to ‘be the story’, he’s just trying to report on things. However, immediately before the interview, he performed a viral stunt that made headlines, and made him the story.

“Right, and we’re not supposed to be the story. You know, that’s — that’s not why I’m out there. You know, I get accused of that from time to time and my attitude is — listen. I’m allowed to care about this country just as much as anybody else,” said Acosta.

“And if you think that, you know, you can take children away from their parents on the border and put them in cages, if you think you can demonize immigrants and call them rapists and criminals, if you think that you can distort the sense of reality that we all have on a daily basis by telling lie after and falsehood after falsehood and not face any hardest questions, then I think you’re just not living in the same United States of America that I live in,” he said.

Immediately before the interview, Acosta took a photo of himself looking in a mirror. Or rather, he got someone else to take a photo of him looking in a mirror, and claimed he was going on the Late Show to bring ‘Real News’ and that he’s not the enemy of the people.

Check out the tweet and video below.