Al Sharpton Attacks President Trump For Making Everything About Race… Hmmm…

by Donald 0

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Al Sharpton makes a living out of accusing people he disagrees with of being racists. He wouldn’t be famous if he didn’t perpetuate racial divisions. However, in a recent op-ed for NBC, he accused President Trump of doing exactly what he does.

“As we mark one year since Donald Trump was elected, the nation is reeling from the loss of 26 people killed at a Texas church. These tragic deaths come almost exactly a week after a suspected terrorist attack in New York that killed eight and about a month after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas killed 58,” started Sharpton, as if to suggest those tragedies were Trump’s fault.

“There were hopes last year that the executive office would temper some of this pettiness, but sadly we now see this is not the case. Rather than attempt to grow and learn, Trump has leaned into his role as divider-in-chief. This is exactly the same racially divisive, unapologetic blowhard I knew in New York,” he claimed.

“And the results unfortunately speak for themselves. His ugly, contentious presidential campaign has translated into an equally ugly and divisive first year. Whether it’s attacking Congresswoman Frederica Wilson following the tragic deaths of four soldiers in Niger, hesitating to condemn white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, advocating for the firing of NFL players exercising their First Amendment rights, or politicizing terrorist attacks, Trump’s time in office has only made this country more polarized,” wrote Sharpton.

Obama was an extremely divisive President too, but he doesn’t care because he agreed with Obama. And of course, we all know why Al Sharpton wouldn’t say something bad about Obama.