Alan Dershowitz Destroys Shark Lawyer With The Real Reason Bill O’Reilly Got Fired

by Chris Reynolds 1

bloom dersh oreilly

With the sudden departure of iconic host Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, many people have been wondering what the true reason is that O’Reilly chose this time to bow out of his extremely popular news program.

Feminists and other knee-jerk liberals have been jumping to conclusions about O’Reilly, including the predatory lawyer who is representing women who are making accusations against O’Reilly in the hope of getting settlement money. Alan Dershowitz recently shut this lawyer up with what he believes to be the true reason O’Reilly left.

The accusers’ lawyer Lisa Bloom butted heads with Alan Dershowitz on CNN’s Tonight with Don Lemon, and attempted to dismiss Dershowitz’s theory that it was a tape and not the women’s accusations that led to O’Reilly’s ouster. Said Dershowitz about the tape, which he believes has incriminating evidence of O’Reilly’s harassment,  “O’Reilly could not survive the release of that tape.”

He continued, swatting away Bloom’s arguments, “There’s no comparison between cumulative accusations and his voice on the tape.” He asked, “Have you heard the tape? Nobody’s ever heard the tape.” Shot back Bloom, “Okay, but you’re just spitballing here!” Alan replied, “There’s something we don’t know. I suspect it was the tape.”

That’s when the lawyer lost it. She yelled, “Or maybe it was a concerted effort by a group of women … who day after day after day were calling in complaints, who were going on TV despite the fear, who were putting the public pressure on, who were going to the advertisers. Maybe it’s the people who actually made this happen! Maybe that’s what happened!” Do you think Dershowitz is right? Or is his theory based on fiction? Watch below: