American Psychiatric Association Slams CNN For Trying To Diagnose Trump With Mental Health Disease

by Donald 0


CNN and other news networks have recently tried to diagnose President Trump with a ‘mental health’ disease. CNN’s Brian Stelter has even suggested that we get President Trump tested.

“When President Trump was inaugurated last January, some columnists started right away to raise concerns about his mental health and fitness for office. In the months that followed, we saw senators like Jeff Flake bring this up, Bob Corker, another name that comes to mind,” said Stelter.

However, the American Psychiatric Association finally spoke up against the media’s insistence on trying to ‘diagnose’ our President.

“Today, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) reiterates its continued and unwavering commitment to the ethical principle known as “The Goldwater Rule.” We at the APA call for an end to psychiatrists providing professional opinions in the media about public figures whom they have not examined, whether it be on cable news appearances, books, or in social media. Armchair psychiatry or the use of psychiatry as a political tool is the misuse of psychiatry and is unacceptable and unethical,” writes the APA.

“A proper psychiatric evaluation requires more than a review of television appearances, tweets, and public comments. Psychiatrists are medical doctors; evaluating mental illness is no less thorough than diagnosing diabetes or heart disease. The standards in our profession require review of medical and psychiatric history and records and a complete examination of mental status. Often collateral information from family members or individuals who know the person well is included, with permission from the patient,” they wrote. Do you think the media will listen?