Angry Bernie Accused GOPs Of “Worshipping Wealth”, Then Truth Came Out, He Was Humiliated

by Chris Reynolds 0

bernie humiliated

It’s hard to imagine that Americans came within striking distance to electing an out and proud self-identified Socialist in Bernie Sanders to be our next president last year.

It just shows you how desperate regular Americans were for a change agent to do away with the extreme corruption of the Democratic party’s establishment, which resulted in Donald Trump’s election win, which surprised many in powerful circles.

Bernie Sanders still can’t seem to get over the fact that he came so close to power and lost. He recently tweeted in a thinly veiled dig at incredibly successful businessman Donald Trump, “We are living in a nation which worships wealth rather than caring for the poor. I don’t think that is the nation we should be living in.”

This sounds noble-minded, of course, until you look at the person it’s coming from. The internet was quick to point out to Bernie what a giant hypocrite he is for having the gall to say something like this. They reminded him that he owns three different houses, including a $600,000 lakefront house in Vermont that he just purchased in Vermont.

Bernie also only paid a 13,5 percent tax rate in 2014, which is low considering how wealthy he is and how often he screams about how rich people should have to pay their “fair share.” Said one Twitter user, “I don’t think we should live in a country where you can say this while having 3 houses and pay a lower tax rate than I do.” Added another, “YOU worship wealth, constantly trying to take others & control it, you have many homes pay tiny % in tax & “hate charity.” Do you think Bernie is a hypocrite?