Angry Lib Public School Teacher Wore Something Sick To Class, She’s Totally Screwed Now

by Chris Reynolds 2

tuck frump

President Donald Trump and his education secretary Betsy DeVos are thinking outside the box to overhaul our nation’s formerly great but currently failing public school system with new, fresh ideas.

Our public schools clearly need it, since they are currently being stymied by unionized, extreme liberal teachers, even in deeply conservative states like West Virginia. One public school teacher in that state recently proved just how desperately our schools need our help by wearing a truly disgusting anti-Trump article of clothing to her class. Thankfully, she got in deep trouble.

A liberal middle school art teacher named Cheryl Judy in Boone County, West Virginia thought it would be a funny idea to come to work and show grade school children her jacket that had a patch on it saying “F*ck Trump”, but “cleverly” presented differently as “Tuck Frump.”

This woman then stupidly allowed her students to take a photo of her disgusting political garment, not realizing that children these days share everything using social media apps like Snapchat. This photo spread like wildfire around the school community, and Judy found herself in hot water.

Judy’s school superintendent Jeff Huffman caught word of what the art teacher did, and indicated that she is facing disciplinary action. Said Huffman, “We expect professionalism with both conduct and appearance. It seems to have caused a great amount of concern from around the area and around the nation, as we’ve received multiple phone calls today.” Do you think she should be fired?