Ann Coulter Exposes How CNN Uses Physical Violence Against Conservatives To Rig Poll Results

by Donald 0


CNN recently released a poll that showed that 90% of people want to give illegal aliens citizenship. Does something seem wrong about this number? CNN has been famous for it’s inaccurate anti-Trump polls, including the ones that predicted that President Trump didn’t stand a chance in the election against Hillary Clinton.

Ann Coulter revealed the violent reason why these polls are so inaccurate. “I only read through the first 3 or 4 poll questions and noticed that the percentage of poll respondents opposed to enforcing our immigration laws has SKYROCKETED in the last year. In that same time period, the hysteria and violence on the left has reached epic proportions,” explained Coulter.

“We just had a presidential election where the polls were useless because poll respondents were afraid to admit—even to computerized telephone polls!—that they were voting for Trump,” she continued.

“As long as we live in a country where liberals are going to violently attack anyone who disagrees with them, what is the point of polling? The left’s recent eruptions of rage, lies and fascistic violence has resulted in a populace where no one wants to upset the little darlings. We may as well admit that in the current environment, public policy polls are useless,” said Coulter.

“The big announcement of the meaningless results are intended to make people think they must be nuts if they disagree with La Raza (‘the race!’) and the NYT editorial page. Which is weird, since DONALD TRUMP WAS JUST ELECTED PRESIDENT,” she said. Do you think she’s right?