Antifa Launches Disgusting Campaign Against Right-Wing Parkland Shooting Victims And Their Families

by Donald 0

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A well known Antifa communist website ‘It’s Going Down’ has been launching attacks against right-wing Parkland shooting victims and their families. In an article called “The Frightwing Opportunists of Parkland” they went on to target and insult everyone who isn’t down with the anti-gun agenda.

“The following is a first look and an analysis at the emerging far-Right forces that are attempting to push their own agenda outside of the Centrist, pro-DNC, and pro-gun control groups like March for Our Lives, in the wake of the Parkland shooting. To listen to our critical podcast discussion on March For Our Lives, go here,” they write. Interesting how anything outside of ‘pro-DNC’ is ‘far-right.’

First they attacked the Pollack family, whose daughter died during the shooting. “Perhaps the most concerning of the new batch is the Pollack family, who started “#meadowsmovement” after their family member, Heather Pollack, was killed at MSD,” they write. It should be noted that the daughter is named Meadows not Heather, hence the name of the movement.

They went on to attack pro-gun survivor Kyle Kashuv.

“Another rising star is MSD student Kyle Kashuv, who is a right-wing cause celebre at this point, meeting with the President and appearing on various right-wing news shows. Kashuv is an ardent Trump and 2nd amendment supporter that hasn’t hesitated to cash in on the tragedy of MSD to be a torch bearer for our nation’s dominant white supremacist narrative. He’s currently trying to get Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk to speak at MSDHS,” writes the article.