Ben Carson Secretary Blasts Baseless Liberal Allegations That Trump Pick Steve Bannon Is Racist

by Donald 0


After Trump announced that former Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon would serve as White House Senior Counselor to Donald Trump the media went crazy. They launched all kinds of baseless attacks that he is a racist and an anti-semite.

Ben Carson’s former press secretary, who is a black woman and a Trump supporter, Deana Bass was pissed. “I have no patience for that — that drives me absolutely insane,” said Bass To Breitbart.

“I want to see proof. I want them to tell me exactly what they mean when they throw these accusations to Mr. Bannon and others,” said Bass. “Where are people getting this?”

“Why do they have the right to be disrespectful and dismissive and quite frankly, racist when conservatives — we know if we were the one in the streets marching…destroying property, the mainstream media would lose it.”

“We know that we get this from the mainstream media… These claims of racism, I want people to show me where they are.” Check out the interview below.