Ben Stein Reveals The Real Reason That Tom Price Resigned

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Former U.S. Congressman Tom Price from Georgia did not manage to finish the year as President Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, as he just turned in his resignation letter in what is being seen as a formality in an obvious ouster.

The media conclusion about ex-Secretary Price has been that he was fired for using taxpayer money to fly charter planes between meetings instead of flying coach. However, conservative commentator Ben Stein shared that he does not believe that that was the real reason Tom was let go.

Stein thinks that the true reason Price was ousted was because he failed to get an Obamacare “repeal and replace” bill passed, and thus did not help fulfill one of President Trump’s central campaign pledges. Explained Stein to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto,  “That’s the joke of it. Taxpayers are spending for Trump to live an incredibly lavish life. Mr. Price flies to Philadelphia — it’s different than flying to Palm Beach, not that there’s anything wrong with Philadelphia — and he’s getting fired over it.”

He continued, “I would not have fired him. I would have said to him, ‘don’t do it again’ For gosh sakes, a trip from Washington to Philadelphia? That’s small potatoes. … ”

 Shared Ben, “I think the real reason he’s being fired, he didn’t get the healthcare bill passed. That wasn’t his fault. He can’t control McCain. He can’t control the various RINOs that voted against the bill. He would be a hero if he got this done. They wouldn’t have bothered thinking about it.” Do you think Ben Stein is right on the money?