Bill Clinton’s Black Son Just Dropped Humiliating News On Hillary, It’s Over

by Chris Reynolds 0


Hillary Clinton is in plenty of trouble right now, especially since she did not win the Presidential election and will not have all the protections at her disposal (such as naming the head of the Justice Department) at her disposal to cover up her tracks.

Our 45th President Donald Trump has stated that prosecuting Hillary will not be one of his administration’s priorities, although there is a popular movement of Americans who refuse to let Hillary off the hook. However, right now this is the least of Hillary’s problems.

Unfortunately, like his very own version of Fatal Attraction, former President Bill Clinton’s “responsibilities” from when he was Governor of Arkansas refuse to go away. Danney Williams, who is widely reported to be Bill’s illegitimate son with an African-American prostitute has reentered the picture in a huge way.

Hillary would like nothing more than to silence Danney once and for all during this time of great turmoil for her, but Danney is determined to get the status that rightfully belongs to him and his grandchildren, and he has announced that he’s taking a paternity test.

Arkansas law says that Bill is obliged to participate, stating, “Upon motion of either party in a paternity action, the trial court shall order that the putative father, mother, and child submit to scientific testing for paternity … to determine whether or not the putative father can be excluded as being the biological father.” Do you think Bill Clinton’s Danney Williams’ father?