Bill Maher Shares What Is More Scary To Him Than Being Bombed By North Korea, It’s Disgusting

by Donald 0

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HBO host Bill Maher has said a lot of crazy things about President Trump. He came under fire for saying that President Trump is Putin’s “c**kholster”. Later he got in trouble for saying the n-word on his show. Recently though he shared something that he thinks is scarier than our country being bombed by North Korea. President Trump allowing America to become like North Korea… seriously.

“Let me come out of left field. Trump is a madman; he says crazy things. What if it works? What if madman versus madman… we’ve had no good policy towards this problem for 20 years, through many administrations of both parties,” started Bill Maher.

He then admitted that he is afraid of what the conflict against North Korea could lead to. “I must tell you, my bigger fear, is that we’re becoming North Korea,” said Maher. He segued into attacking Republicans for denying that their is ‘collusion’ between President Trump and Russia. It always comes back to Russia somehow.

“We started with: ‘We had no contact with the Russians,’ then we went to, ‘OK, but no collusion,’ then ‘OK, collusion, but collusion isn’t a crime.’ Now, we’ve come all the way to: ‘Is it such a crime to commit a crime?’ his is what I worry about,” said Maher.

Nothing about his statements makes any sense. Check out Maher in the video below. (Relevant part starts at 3:55)