Black Conservative NFL Legend Gets Viciously Attacked By Liberals For Speaking Against His “Own People”

by Donald 0


66 year-old Super Bowl champion and NFL legend Burgess Owens was invited by the Young Americans for Freedom, to discuss how he succeeded and his Conservative ideals. However, liberals in the audience quickly started shouting that he isn’t allowed to think that way because he is black.

“I grew up in the Deep South during Jim Crow segregation laws/ I can tell you how racism looks, how it feels, and what it means. You guys today can go anyplace you want to — any restaurant, any college. We just had a [black] president for eight years guys, elected by Americans. There is nothing you cannot do today based on your tenacity. Can we guarantee success? No. We shouldn’t. What we guarantee is the opportunity to work for it,” said Owens.

“If I can tell you as someone who came through the days of segregation, we have never had it as good as we do right now. If all you’re hearing is how bad things are, day in and day out … you’re going to believe bad things,” he explained.

One woman in the audience accused Owens of being an ‘uncle Tom.’ “What was your name again?… Thought it was Tom,” said a young woman in the audience. “Why is it OK to bring people to talk against their own people?” asked a young man.

“There goes our biggest problem. The minute you start calling names, you’ve already stopped the debate. You’re not looking for answers. You’re looking for ways of insulting, and that’s not how Americans do it,” explained Owens.