Breaking: Black GOP Says How Fresno Killer Is Related To Obama, It’s Horrific

by Chris Reynolds 0

Fresno Killer Obama

During President Barack Hussein Obama’s disastrous eight years in the White House, Americans never fully got closure on who he truly is or where he came from. This son of a Muslim from Kenya was notorious for sparking racial conflict and trying to urge Americans to be “sensitive” to Muslims.

Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson has deeper insight into Barack Obama than most, and when he took a closer look at the notorious Fresno, California serial killer Kori Ali Muhammad, he observed how this killer and Barack Obama are related.

Stated Jackson in a conversation with Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends, “This is a ‘difecta’, if you will, in terms of the legacy of Obama. We got a black man killing white people. He’s killing in the name of Islam.”

Police have been stepping on eggshells about the crimes, not wanting to say publicly that the murders were terrorist acts, even though Kori screamed “Allahu Akbar” over and over again.

Said Kevin, “The only thing that’s missing from this equation, and I’m glad it didn’t happen, is that he targeted law enforcement. That would have been the trifecta.” Jackson was upset that Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer claimed that Muhammad was “just a racist” and not also a radical Islamic terrorist. Continued Jackson, “It’s a trick of the left. They’re saying ‘Pick one. You can’t have terror and you can’t have race at the same time.’” Do you agree that this man and his crimes are directly connected to Obama? Watch below: