Breaking: Famous Fashion Designer Trashes Libs In Shocking Way And Praises Trump, Nobody Expected It

by Chris Reynolds 0

Trump Tom Ford

There was a time when some knee-jerk liberal fashion designers decided that they wanted to make a “statement” and say that they would never design a dress for First Lady Melania Trump because she was married to Republican President Donald Trump.

This is of course laughable in and of itself, since former runway model Melania is certainly not lacking for people fighting over the career-making opportunity to design for her. However, it was truly shocking how one notable fashion designer recently turned on liberals and ended up supporting Trump in an impressive way.

Tom Ford was one of the cowardly designers who “boycotted” Melania, but, now that Donald Trump is president, For has completely changed his tune. Trump’s presidency has even inspired the Texas native designer and film director to move back home to the United States from London, where he was living.

Said Ford about Trump’s election, “Oddly, it made me want to come back even more.” He explained this by saying, “We have a tremendous number of people in this country who feel disenfranchised and clearly we are not relating to or speaking to them. I am at my core American, and it made me want to come back. It didn’t make me want to run away.”

He added, “I think when you sense that there is a divide in your country and that there are people who perhaps you’re not relating to, and that those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a world of very liberal human rights and privilege, it’s a wake-up call that we’re not addressing a big part of the country that does feel disenfranchised.” Stated Ford about Trump being president, “It made me feel more nationalistic if anything. The whole country is not like New York and L.A. and the world that I am used to living in.” Are you glad Tom Ford came to his senses?