Breaking: Lib Reporter Just Attacked Jeff Sessions’ Granddaughter, What He Said Is Revolting

by Chris Reynolds 0


The hypocrisy of Democrats and their allies in the entertainment industry and the mainstream media truly knows no bounds. It is truly disturbing that they have gone so deep in desperation mode to stop Trump’s cabinet that they are trying to smear Senator Jeff Sessions as somehow a “racist.”

They have gone so far as to break all precedent and have a fellow senator, African-American Cory Booker, “testify” against Sessions on the Senate floor as a twisted political stunt. They seem to forget how racist liberals really are, as proven by a recent attack by a liberal reporter on Jeff Sessions’ own granddaughter.

Ira Madison III, a culture writer for MTV News, recently attacked Sessions for bringing his granddaughter to proceedings. Sessions’ granddaughter has Asian heritage. Said the racist liberal reporter, “Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys “R” Us you stole her from.”

Madison continued, “Why is she a prop? Sessions argued for policy that in the 1880s was used to discriminate against Asian Americans. There is no reason for that child to be in his lap in a hearing other than to send an ‘I’m not racist message.’”

The liberal reporter added, “In fact, Americans have long used Asian-Americans as ‘model minorities’ since the rise of the civil rights act. Sessions has shown horrendous anti-black behavior. His love for an Asian family member does not dissuade that.” Do you think liberals are deeply hypocritical?