Breaking: Obama Caught Saying What He Really Thinks About Trump, It’s So Revolting

by Chris Reynolds 0

Obama caught saying

Former President Barack Hussein Obama has been keeping a very low public profile for the past few months, despite stories about how he has been busy working hard behind the scenes to build a group of angry liberals ready to rise up when Obama wants them to.

Obama, his family and his former advisor Valerie Jarrett have all been living together in an unusual arrangement in a mansion in Washington, D.C. around the corner from one of the West’s most powerful Islamic mosques. Publicly, Obama has carefully made sure not to bad mouth President Donald Trump, but publicly it’s a much different story. An article in People magazine just reported the nasty thing Obama said about Trump when he thought people weren’t listening.

On Election Night, a shocked Obama made the customary, formal phone call from the sitting president to congratulate the next president on his victory. After making this totally phone call to President-Elect Trump, Obama reportedly turned to two friends who were present and said about Trump, “He’s nothing but a bullshitter.”

Another source stated about Obama in a very polite way that he’s angered and is channeling his frustration into riling up liberals against the Republicans like Trump who are now in power. Said the source, “He’s deeply concerned with what he’s seen. But he’s also optimistic and heartened that citizens aren’t just watching it happen but engaging with neighbors and elected representatives at town halls.”

Obama’s advisor David Axelrod explained Obama’s “politeness” in public, saying, “[Obama’s] very respectful of the appropriate role of a former president and that ex-presidents should not be looking over the shoulder of their successors and commenting on every decision.” However, nasty former First Lady Michelle Obama clearly does not follow any rules of etiquette. Said trashy Michelle in response to Trump winning, “I’m going all black for the next couple of years.” Are you glad the Obamas are gone?