Breaking: Top Republican Just Switched To The Democratic Party

by Chris Reynolds 0

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During the presidency of Donald Trump, the right has been filled with anti-Trump Republicans who are doing everything they can to undermine the president’s agenda to help Americans and are clearly Republicans In Name Only.

These fake Republicans still have the gall to go on television shows and claim that they are Republicans. It comes as a bit of a relief, then, that one prominent RINO actually called a spade a spade and admitted that he is actually a Democrat.

One-time conservative Kurt Bardella served a powerful role in Republican politics by working as pro-Trump media outlet Breitbart’s spokesman. However, something went wrong somewhere for Bardella and he decided to quit the party over Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Wrote Bardella in an op-ed piece in USA Today, “President Trump and the Republican National Committee are endorsing, supporting and funding Moore because they would rather elect a sexual predator who preys on underage teenagers at the local mall, than a crime-fighting prosecutor who happens to be a Democrat.”

He went on, “This is not a party I want to be associated with any longer. This is not a party that is trustworthy enough to protect innocent children from sexual predators.” Bardella then claimed, “I believe that the Democratic Party will do more to create equality in America than the Republican Party ever will. I believe that the Democratic Party will do more to protect the freedoms guaranteed to us in the First Amendment than the Republican Party ever could.” He concluded, “I am throwing in with the Democratic Party because at the end of the day, I believe its portrait of America is better than the one being painted by today’s Republican Party. And I want to be a part of it.” Are you glad this idiot left?