Candace Owens Crushes ESPN’s Jemele Hill For Moronic Comments About Racism

by Donald 0

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ESPN’s Jemele Hill made headlines last year when she accused Trump of being a white supremacist, and said that all of his supporters are too privileged to care. After Hill posted yet another stupid tweet about racism, black Conservative commentator Candace Owens called her out.

“Black ppl just hate racism. That’s it. And really that’s the only reason we’ve been labeled as liberal. Some people have turned racism into a political issue when it’s a moral one,” tweeted Jemele Hill. Candace Owens responded that all people hate racism.

“All people hate racism, Jemele. Haven’t met a single white person that loves being called a cracker, or a Spanish person that prefers being referred to as a sp*c. I’m young though, so there’s still time,” tweeted Owens.

Hill responded: “With all due respect, all people do not hate racism. Racism is profitable and worse, comfortable. Showing a disdain for slurs is about appearing polite. I’ll be far more impressed when that energy is used to dismantle systems created to crush marginalized peoples,” tweeted Hill.

“Racism is definitely profitable—on that we agree. It’s why Dems use people like you to continually speak about it. The goal is to paralyze blacks with undue fear, keeping us enslaved to ideologies that continue to fail us. Would love to discuss this w/ you on @RubinReport,” responded Owens. Owens respectfully challenged Hill to a debate. But Hill rejected.