Candace Owens Crushes “Puppet” LeBron James, Her Insult For Maxine Waters Is Even More Brutal

by Donald 0

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Rising conservative commentator Candace Owens spoke with Tucker Carlson about how CNN used LeBron James as their puppet to get at President Trump.

“I don’t want to take away from what he did — opening the school was an incredible feat — but Don Lemon got him in that interview. He wanted LeBron to say something [bad] about the president… They were there to get that five-second soundbite to say something nasty about the president, and that was going to be their news story,” explained Owens.

“The reason why CNN wanted to get LeBron James…they essentially attacked him without him knowing it and they used him, because what was also released at the same time? The Rasmussen poll [which showed that] black support for Donald Trump has doubled since this time last year,” she explained.

“So black people aren’t believing this [anti-Trump narrative] anymore. So what do [the liberal media] do? They go back to what they always do: They bring in a black idol, and they have the black idol say to the community, ‘Oh this is racist,’ and hope that we’re going to believe it. But we aren’t anymore,” she explained.

She also took a brutal dig at Maxine Waters. “The idea that you can’t think somebody has a low IQ — a provably low IQ — Maxine Waters is not a smart person. You can’t say that because she’s black? That’s ridiculous!” she said.

Source: Candace Owens: LeBron James is ignorant about politics by BPR