“So I Can’t Answer!?” CIA Agent Shuts Up MSNBC’s Joy Reid For Interrupting Him Over And Over

by Donald 0

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid brought on former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz. However, when Fred Fleitz didn’t agree with everything Reid was saying, she went off the rails. She interrupted him so many times that he wasn’t even able to answer the questions until he fought back. Reid started by talking about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

“The question is whether this person would have been entrusted by the Russian government — here he is posing as Miss Universe — whether the Russian government would trust someone like this with sensitive information about efforts to undermine the US election,” said Fleitz showing off photos of Goldstone in silly costumes.

As Fleitz continued to make well prepared arguments, Reid and the other panelists continued to interrupt him not letting him get through sentences. “That’s an adorable picture. It doesn’t change the fact that Paul Manafort … the son of the president of the United States and his brother-in-law … took a meeting,” said Reid.

“This is a rigged interview. Let me answer the question,” said Fleitz after a while.

Reid continued to ignore Fleitz and keep talking. “Oh, I see, so I can’t answer anymore?” asked Fleitz. Is this really the way the mainstream media should be treating people simply for disagreeing with them? Is Joy Reid a terrible journalist? Check out the interview below.