CBS Treats Oprah As Christ-Like Figure While Begging For Her To Run For President

by Donald 0

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Oprah Winfrey spoke CBS This Morning when co-host Gayle King and John Dickerson practically begged Oprah to run for President. They treated her like some type of goddess, suggesting that she has the magical power to unite mankind that no one else has.

“Let me ask you about this call for you to run for President. I’m interested in the notion of when you hear the call about whatever you do, how do you know now’s the time for me to step in and step up?” asked Dickerson.

“It’s something you will feel,” responded Oprah. “Is that feeling grace? Some call that grace. Grace gives you the ability to see or is it —” said Dickerson. “I think it is — it is an instinct, an intuition, it is an — I call it your internal guidance system, your own personal GPS that says this is the way,” responded Oprah.

“I also think nobody should be convinced to run — to run for the presidency. But I also think you have a unique ability in terms of healing and connecting all people,” said King. Oprah explained that it takes more than compassion to be the President of the United States.

“What do you think Maya would say? It’s one of these times I wish Maya was here. What do you think that she would say? You would ask her,” asked King, of late poet Maya Angelou. They then promised to cover her in an ‘impartial’ way if she did decide to run… sure. “I could be very impartial. I could be very impartial,” said King. Check out the video below.