Chelsea Handler Says Thats It’s Inappropriate For A Woman To Choose To Work At The White House

by Donald 0


Liberals like to constantly act like Republicans are only white men. They argue that women and minorities are not represented enough. Yet comedian Chelsea Handler tried to shame the women who choose to work at the White House and told them they should leave.

“Any women that cares about the fundamental rights of other women should leave the WH. We have terrible representation during a time when women are finally using their voices to protect and honor each other,” tweeted Handler with a link to an article to an MSNBC story.

MSNBC’s Anushay Hossain accused Trump of ‘trapping women’ and even of ‘pedophilia’ with absolutely no evidence.

“This is a sexist, racist misogynistic administration and government. I want to take this opportunity to say to GOP women: get out. This is your time, this goes beyond partisan politics. This is not about what Democrats and Republicans do. This is about violence against women,” said Hossain.

“You guys have stuck by him [Trump] through pedophilia, through sexual assault, domestic violence. This is a human rights issue. This president does not stand behind your gender. This is not about partisan politics. This is a dangerous message for women around the world. GOP women, you owe it to women around the world, girls around the world to get out,” she said. That doesn’t sound very ‘inclusive’, does it?