Chicago Official Just Said ‘The Flag Means Nothing More Than Toilet Paper To Me’

by Chris Reynolds 0

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The recent spate of protests against the flag and the National Anthem before NFL games has clearly brought a great amount of bigotry and hatred hiding in some Americans up to the surface.

This was clearly the case with a Chicago resident named Traci O’Neal Ellis, who helps make important decisions for how and what public schoolchildren in the city will be taught through serving in an official capacity as a board member of School District U-46.

Given Ellis’ role, it makes it even more disturbing that this liberal would post on her Facebook wall about the protesting players, “That flag means nothing more than toilet paper to me.” She also called the flag a “false symbol of hope.”

Ellis continued, “And I promise you, I would take #TakeAKnee at school board meetings if my doing so would not be disruptive to kids and a distraction to the work we need to do for them.” This did not sit well with fellow School District U-46 board member Jeanette Ward, who made Ellis’ statement known on her own Facebook page.

Commented Ward, “I was taken aback that she would say that, even though it is consistent with things she’s said in the past. To say it’s nothing more than toilet paper, I’m appalled.” Ellis refused to apologize, only allowing that she could have worded things differently. Said Traci, “My point was to convey the message that the flag doesn’t mean anything to me. I could’ve said just that and not used the analogy.” Do you think this hateful Chicago school board member should resign?