Chris Matthews Asks Personal Question About Joe And Mika’s Relationship, Gets Unexpected Awkward Answer

by Donald 0

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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews joined the ‘Morning Joe’ show and asked Joe and Mika some personal questions about their relationship. Mika immediately indicated that the conversation was very awkward for her. “Let me ask you about the homemaking thing. Do you cook?” Matthews asked Scarborough.

“She cooks,” said Scarborough, Brzezinski seemed to get annoyed by this and responded “What?” “Do you do the washing and all that? Do you clean up?” asked Matthews. Scarborough turned to his fiancee and told her that the conversation was “man’s talk.” It gets even weirder.

“Here’s the funny thing, Chris. I’m sort of — I know this will surprise people, but I’m sort of OCD on cleaning up, I don’t like things on the floor. So I’m the one that cleans up. Mika is very confident, she can just throw things everywhere,” said Scarborough.

Mika was apparently finding this conversation really annoying. “Alright, Chris Matthews, thank you so much,” she said clearly trying to change the topic.

Mika Brzezinski makes a living calling President Trump a white supremacist and a Nazi and trying to cause a panic against our President. Why do you think these questions bothered her so much? Check out the clip in the video below.