Chris Matthews And Friends Just Called Trump An ‘Enemy Of The State’

by Chris Reynolds 0

matthews enemy of the state

There has as of late been a frenzied competition on hard-left network MSNBC over which biased host can come up with the most slanderous and sensational accusations about President Donald Trump, Senate candidate Roy Moore and others on the right.

Host Chris Matthews seems to have won the last round, as one of his guests reached an all-time low by declaring on the air that the sitting President of the United States is somehow an “enemy of the state.”

USA Today‘s Heidi Przybyla kicked things off by declaring in paranoid fashion that “we’re seeing that the collusion piece of this, piece by piece, starting to be built out and every week, it seems there’s a new member of the team who knew something about the discussions that were going on with the Russians.”

Not to be outdone, host Matthews cut her off and claimed that President Trump has gone to “war with the people that are the national policemen in a sense, the investigators, to get the facts to Robert Mueller.”

The network’s law enforcement analyst topped them all, however. He complained about how Trump was defending himself by questioning the FBI investigation, and stated, “He’s going to sow doubt in their ability, and he is going to hurt the ability of our law enforcement and judicial systems with his claims. So he is an enemy of the state whenever he is pushing against the FBI in that way, and if he finds that the FBI is in tatters, well I would sure like to know how he would like to improve that because he’s never offered anything as to why it’s both in tatters or what he would do about it.” Do you think it’s sickening that a political pundit on a mainstream network would call the current president “an enemy of the state”? Watch below: