Chris Wallace Crushes James Comey For His Surprisingly “B*tchy” Book

by Donald 0

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace reviewed James Comey newest anti-Trump book “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.” Wallace did not go easy on it. He pointed out that the book had no new information, and might as well have been written by a teenage girl.

“What strikes me, is how little new there is in the book. We get a lot of opinions, unpleasant opinions of the president by James Comey. But in terms of hard facts, you know, people are talking about bombshells, there are none,” explained Wallace.

“Basically everything that he said in terms of the facts of what the president did, he already has testified before a congressional committee. And in fact at one point he says while he thinks the president’s behavior may have been unethical, it may not have been illegal,” said Wallace.

“The other thing that surprises me, frankly, is how bitchy the book is. Comey goes out of his way to say that the president isn’t as tall as he thought he was. He checked out the size of his hands the first time they shook hands, that he noticed the president seemed to have little white half moons under his eyes. Maybe he had sun-tanning goggles on his eyes,” explained Wallace.

“You know, I think one could argue that by getting into the kind of political food fight, that James Comey has done more damage to his own reputation than he has President Trump’s,” said Wallace. Check out the video below.