Chuck Todd Claims That President Trump Is Trying To “Rationalize Violence” By Criticizing Antifa

by Donald 0

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NBC reporter Chuck Todd has rationalized the violence of Antifa so much, that he thinks by criticizing Antifa, then you are the one rationalizing violence.

“The President of the United States is fear mongering claiming there will be violence if the Republicans lose the majority. No, you didn’t hear that wrong. Folks, we’ve said it before and we’ll see it again — in this environment, you can forget that old saying that all politics is local. Because this midterm, all politics is national and then some,” started Todd.

“Here’s what the President said in a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders last night. This is according to recorded excerpts that we at NBC News have reviewed. The president warned that if the GOP loses the midterms, quote, ‘they will overturn everything that we’ve done, and they’ll do it quickly and violently. And violently’” he repeated. ‘There’s violence,’ he said again. ‘then you look at Antifa and look at some of these groups, these are violent people.’ We’ll have a little more in a second,” said Todd.

“The Trump voters. He’s trafficking in their conspiracies. Antifa, an issue in Portland, Oregon. I will grant you that. And is some places else. But this is not a giant issue,” said Todd. Say that to all the mainstream conservative speakers who have had to spend millions in security just to speak at a college campus without being murder by Antifa.

“This reminds me of his reaction, initial reaction, to Charlottesville. This desire to talk about violence on the left as somehow equal to or perhaps greater than violence on the right when there is no evidence for that,” said guest Michael Steel. “Or to rationalize violence!” responded Todd.