Chuck Todd Makes A Disgusting Low Blow Attack Against O’Reilly, But O’Reilly Gets The Last Laugh

by Donald 0


Now that Bill O’Reilly is being let go from Fox News, journalists from all over the mainstream media have been taking cheap shots at him. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said that he wasn’t a “real journalist”. He also said that he was more of an entertainer than a conservative.

“I have never considered Bill a conservative. I thought he was an entertainer, bombastic and loud, and there was a reason that President Obama would much rather be interviewed by Bill O’Reilly than Chuck Todd. He was never going to take you deep and focused,” said MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt

“But he was the entertainer, probably more entertainer than any of the others, right? And anybody else in this ecosystem is, I mean, he said it in his own statement. I thought it was incredibly self-aware that he said informed and entertained. He used the word entertained,” said Todd. “No real journalist would use that,” he added.

“Mr. O’Reilly is, on air is reckless, coarse and bullying. Turns out off the air, he’s reckless, coarse and bullying. So there’s a kind of seamlessness here,” said George Will on CNBC. He went on to call O’Reilly ‘replaceable’ “I have a feeling that Mr. O’Reilly is replaceable. As Charles de Gaulle once said, the graveyards are full of indispensable men.”

However, O’Reilly got the last laugh. While all these journalist insult him, or call him fake. O’Reilly is keeping up to $100 million from his latest contract. These haters couldn’t even dream of that much money. “The two sources, who spoke independently of one another, said the new contract was worth about $25 million per year,” wrote CNN, explaining that his contract lasted until 2020 and he would be keeping a “staggering” amount of it.