CNN Angrily Reports About Jetlag And Expensive Menu Items During Kim Jong Un Meeting

by Donald 0

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While many are celebrating the incredible accomplishment of Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, many liberals in the mainstream media are looking for things to complain about. And they are very desperate. CNN sunk so low that they ended up complaining about jet lag and expensive menu items at the Singapore summit.

“And that will be the beginning of the first one-on-one meeting between a sitting U.S. President and the leader of North Korea. And we do understand it will be one-on-one. Just the two men and their translators. Now, President Trump seems to have slept little if at all, that’s the issue with Asian jet-lag. But he started tweeting just after 5:00 am local time this morning. His most recent tweets slamming critics of the meeting, calling them, quote, “haters and losers,”” complained CNN’s Erin Burnett.

Guest Robert Baer also complained about the jet lag. “That’s a bad idea. You’ve already mentioned the jet-lag, the issues are too complicated for him. He’s said in so many words he’s not really up on the issues,” said Baer about Trump.

CNN wasn’t done being nitpicky and petty. CNN’s Don Lemon complained about the food on the menu at the summit.

“I want to bring it back to the menu for a second. Typically the White House releases these kinds of details after, for example, the French president comes to the White House or another head of state comes for a state visit. So, by releasing the details of the menu, this is again legitimizing Kim Jong Un and putting him on equal footing with other world leaders,” said guest Samantha Vinograd. Lemon read the menu and commented that it sounded “very expensive.”