CNN Calls Trump An “Arsonist” For Taking Meeting With Kim Jong Un

by Donald 0

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Most of the world is celebrating President Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong Un. However, CNN’s Don Lemon is working his hardest to try to delegitimize the President’s accomplishment.

“At least we’re off the brink of a nuclear war. Wasn’t it the President’s rhetoric in the first place that put us in that? And all you have to do — I’m wondering did you need to have this summit in order to get what these two people got?” asked Don Lemon. Kim Jong Un threatened the United States while Obama was President as well. And Obama never fought back or met with him. But what do facts matter to Don Lemon?

“This short little letter that basically said—and this is a key I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that it’s number three, the whole crux of this, it says: ‘Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.’ Will, that was decided back in April, that’s what they’ve been working for all along. Do they need to do this, Max?” Lemon asked his guest.

Author Max Boot went on to call Trump an arsonist, and blame him for all the tension the United States ever had with North Korea.

“No. I mean, I think your exactly right, Don, a lot of the reason we were on the brink of nuclear war last year—I mean part of it to be sure was because of the North Korean nuclear tests and their missile test, but also because of the reckless and irresponsible rhetoric from Donald Trump ratcheting up the tensions. And so now this is kind of the arsonist getting credit for putting out the fire,” said Boot.