CNN Came Up With A Brand New Excuse For Hillary’s Election Loss: Russian Video Games

by Donald 0

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CNN has come up with another excuse for Hillary Clinton’s campaign loss. Russian video games. Before the election in 2016, ‘Russian trolls’ released a video game called ‘Hilltendo.’

The game has three levels, the first is called “Help Hillary delete as many classified emails as possible before she is caught.” “Players controlled a Hillary Clinton character who sits on a missile and eliminates emails, all while avoiding FBI agents,” writes CNN.

“The next level asked: “How much money can Hillary get from the Arab states?” At the top of the screen, nations’ flags drop money. At the bottom, the Clinton character holds a basket to collect the cash as it falls,” writes CNN.

“The final level challenged users to “Help Hillary throw the Constitution as far as possible,” and it included caricatures of then-President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton,” writes CNN.

Sounds like a pretty silly and fun game. But according to CNN it was a real game changer. “It’s one of the strangest ways yet discovered that Russians tried to influence the American election. But it’s indicative of just how creative Russian internet trolls were willing to be,” they write. Remember this is the same network that tracked down a random citizen and almost shamed them on them on the internet for making the Trump vs. CNN GIF. Check out the video below.