CNN Fires Their Last Trump Supporter For A Ridiculous Reason, He Exposes The Truth About CNN

by Donald 0

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Jeffrey Lord was one of the only people on CNN defending President Trump. This of course is unacceptable in CNN’s eyes and it appears they were looking for any excuse to fire him. They fired him for jokingly saying ‘heil seig’ in a tweet. “Nazi salutes are indefensible. Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network,” said CNN in a statement.

Jeffrey Lord how ridiculous it was for them to take a what he said so out of context. “I genuinely find this amazing. I mean, this was such an obvious joke, and they say, ‘Well, you’re not supposed to joke about these things.’ First of all, I was mocking these people,” said Lord.

He explained the context of the tweet. “I had written a column in the American Spectator that appeared on Tuesday in which I went after Media Matters, which I renamed ‘Media Matters Fascists’. They make it their business to go after the sponsors of different people on television and radio, the latest of which was Sean Hannity,” said Lord.

“So I wrote this in the column, and tongue in cheek, I rewrote the First Amendment as Media Matters would like to see it. At the end of it, I said the American Spectator couldn’t confirm whether it was true that they said, ‘Sieg Heil’ in their draft amendment,” said Lord.

He then revealed the truth about CNN. “When you take on this role of supporting the president, you become a target. There’s no question about it. People want to get you off the air. I would frequently see, both in my Twitter feed and emails, hostility. It didn’t matter who we were. If you were supporting the president, they wanted you off the air,” said Lord. For more read here.