CNN President Calls Fox News ‘State Run TV’, Tucker Carlson Drops A Truth Nuke On His Head

by Donald 0

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CNN President Jeff Zucker called Fox News ‘state-run TV’ in a series of interviews. That is literally fake news, because Fox is not state run TV. However, Tucker Carlson pointed out the ironic truth. It’s actually CNN that is literally state run news.

“[Fox News] is really state-run TV. It is a pure propaganda machine and I think does incredible disservice to this country. There are a handful of good journalists there, but I think they are lost in what is a complete propaganda machine,” said Jeff Zucker.

“There is fake news. Fake News is a phenomenon and it does exist… It’s come to light especially on the Facebook. … What [Trump] means is, news that he doesn’t like.That’s OK. We’re just reporting the facts, reporting the news,” said Zucker of CNN.

Now here is Tucker Carlson’s response. “Now we know, on some level, all criticism is self-criticism — you accuse others of being secretly what you know you are. As it happens, just today, just as Jeff Zucker was speaking, a controlling interest in CNN Turk… was sold to an arm of the regime there,” explained Carlson.

“Jeff Zucker’s network is now in effect in business with the authoritarian, Islamist, and highly anti-American Erdogan regime. In Turkey, where it actually matters, CNN is literally state-run TV,” said Zucker. Check out the video below.