CNN Reporter Claims Trump Supporters Might Revolt Against Florida Government For Electing Black Governor

by Donald 0

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CNN and the liberal media continue to misunderstand Trump supporters and accuse them of being racist. According to White House correspondent April Ryan, Florida Trump supporters will revolt and try to take down the government if Florida dares to elect a black man.

“And now you have in Florida, you’ve got Andrew Gillum, as well. What does this say to you?” asked Don Lemon about the black Democratic nominee. “The south shall rise again for some,” responded Ryan. A reference to the Confederacy.

“It’s very interesting. For all intense and purposes, in this Trump era, this should not be. Two African-Americans in red states, the reddest of states, rising to the top and could possibly wind up getting the governorship of these states. And not just…you don’t just have them there. You also have Ben Jealous in Maryland,” said Ryan.

Ryan really misunderstands Conservatives. We are happy for any minority who wins an election based on their own merits. The only reason not to like Gillum is because of his ideas.

“You have, you have so many minorities running for office now for, once again, a time such as this. I think back to when George W. Bush and Al Gore were fighting over who was going to be President. Florida was pivotal, it went to George W. Bush. I think about Florida for Donald Trump. Now look at it,” said Ryan.