CNN Reports That You Are A Danger To Society If You Think President Trump Is Funny

by Donald 0

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CNN’s Brian Stelter found it horrifying that some people think President Trump was being funny when he called NBC’s Chuck Todd a “sleeping son of a b*tch.”

“Journalists are still near the top of Trump’s enemies list and that attack against Chuck Todd, in particular, has to be called out. It’s offensive, and it’s just plain wrong. And if the President doesn’t know that, maybe Melania can tell him?” said Stelter condescendingly.

The panelists discussed the horrors of finding Trump’s comments amusing, suggesting that if we do ‘we lose our ability to function as rationally informed citizens.

“But we’re amusing ourselves to death, Brian, and we lose our ability to function as rationally informed citizens every time we chuckle or smile at something he says! What he did at that rally, April is so right. It’s evil and the stuff he said about Chuck Todd is dangerous, but too many people are smiling at it, and even some are applauding. Very dangerous,” said guest David Zurawik.

“This is not okay. We have to do it, because I think a lot of people in the public, it’s like going to the mall on Friday night and seeing a funny movie. Look at what Trump’s doing today. No! Trump is changing our lives for the worse!” said Zurawik. Are you glad you aren’t a part of a political party that is so humorless? Check out the interview below.