CNN’s Brian Stelter Spends Day Trying To Discredit Fox News, Dana Loesch Takes Down Stelter In 2 Seconds

by Donald 0

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CNN’s Brian Stelter spent his day trashing Fox News for their ‘relationship’ with President Trump. However, it only took NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch 2 seconds to expose Stelter as a fraud and a hypocrite.

“Fox and Trump, Trump and Fox. You know they’re close. But do you realize just how close? This kind of relationship has never existed between a U.S. president and a TV network. It. Is. Unprecedented. It’s sort of a love story, so let me count the ways,” said Stelter on his program ‘Reliable Sources.’

“First of all, the President loves Fox. He loves what he hears on Fox. He promotes the network and trashes its rivals. Telling people when and where to tune in. A president has never endorsed a network like this before,” whined Stelter.

Around the same time period, Stelter took to Twitter to yell at Fox’s Jesse Watters for not being tough enough on Conservative duo Diamond and Silk. In a Fox interview, Diamond and Silk compared Maxine Waters to a domestic terrorist. Jesse Waters told them that might be too far, but that wasn’t enough for Stelter. “Actual reaction from @JesseBWatters: “That might be a little over the line.” Might be! A little!” whined Stelter as if he never exaggerates.

Dana Loesch had the perfect reply. “I agree, but I recall you were fairly quiet when one of your guests said that I didn’t care about children’s lives, was the CEO of the gun lobby, and owned congress,” she tweeted.