CNN’s Chris Cuomo Attacks MSNBC And Fox News For Being So Biased

by Donald 0


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, CNN’s Chris Cuomo attacked Fox News and MSNBC for being ‘biased’. According to him CNN is far more objective. “You worked at Fox News. How do you think they’ve covered the first year of the administration?” asked the interviewer.

“They’ve made a very obvious choice about what they want to do. And MSNBC has made an obvious choice as well. And they are within their rights to do that, and the audience gets to decide. That’s the beautiful thing about this business. Everybody’s got to make their choices,” said Cuomo.

“You decide to work where you feel you’re best suited to doing the job the way you want to do it. That’s why I came to CNN. I had a great gig at ABC News — great people, loved the work. But I wasn’t able to do what I would be able to do here. I didn’t know Trump was coming. I didn’t know how super relevant we would be. And how important testing would be. But I got lucky in that regard, I suppose,” said Cuomo.

He also explained that he is above trying to go for ‘viral moments’ and instead cares about “substantive, good-faith conversations.”

“I think theatricality and hyper-emotiveness is a sugar high and doesn’t work for me on television. I will generate plenty of buzz by bringing back into focus the most valued commodity in our business, which is the one-on-one interview,” said Cuomo. And for reminders, this is a man who said that being called Fake News is exactly like calling a black person the n-word.