CNN’s ‘Counterterrorism Analyst’ Says Calling Some Countries “Sh*tholes” Is Exactly Like Saying ‘N***er’

by Donald 0

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CNN has faked a lot of outrage after President Trump called Haiti a “sh*thole.” Even though they justify illegal immigration by arguing that the countries they come from are terrible, CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Philip Mudd argued that Trump saying this is exactly like calling a black person the N-word.

The real question is what does this have to do with terrorism? “I am a proud sh*tholer. My family was called waps … I’m proud of that. We came when people from Ireland and Italy were seen as dirty people, dirty Catholics who didn’t belong in a Protestant country. Sh*tholers built this country, 110 years ago,” he argued.

“They were called sl*pers and sl*nt-eyes, Chinese people who built this country. Sh*tholers from Japanese internment camps, stayed in those camps as American citizens, and that’s a legacy that we bear shame for today. Sh*tholers who escaped Guatemala and El Salvador, civil wars that we participated in, built this country,” argued Mudd.

“I’ve seen these conversations that this is economic, so let’s be clear, a white honkey from Norway can come here, but a black dude from Haiti can’t,” he said, even though he just confirmed that this was about economics and not race by using examples from Italy and Ireland.

“What does that tell you in an America that one — that in one generation called you a n*gger, what does that tell you Don? I can tell you that — what tells a honkey like me. We’re no different than we were a generation ago, and we’re learning the same lessons that we learned when we called a Chinese man a sl*nt-eye, when we called a man from a Guatemala a spic and a wetback, and we called a black man a n*gger,” he said. Check out the video below.