CNN’s Cuomo Attacks Trump For Not Picking Woman SCOTUS, But Also Had Attack Ready If He Did Pick Woman

by Donald 0

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During a recent CNN segment, Chris Cuomo attacked President Trump for not picking a woman as his SCOTUS nominee.

“But also, he has said women. I really want to pick a woman. There’s so many qualified female jurists, you know, and — well, one that they thought they had a chance, although it would have been arguably premature with Coney Barrett. You know, she got on. She’d never been in a lower court. She’s on the circuit for about a year now,” said Cuomo.

“She was like at home in South Bend. He could have picked a woman if it was that important to him. But he chose not to,” said Cuomo. Besides the identity politics, the worst part of this, is that CNN was ready to attack Trump for the gender of the SCOTUS, woman, or not. In case Trump did choose a woman, CNN had prepared an argument on why that is a bad thing.

One week earlier, CNN’s Chris Cillizza criticized Trump for considering Amy Coney Barrett, because of her ‘appearance.’ “If you believe Trump makes decisions based on image and appearance (and he does), then here’s the next Supreme Court Justice,” tweeted Cillizza.

Basically, CNN attacked this candidate because she was an attractive woman, suggesting that if she got the job it was because she’s an attractive woman. Basically CNN was prepared to be very sexist had Trump chosen a woman. “For Donald Trump, image is everything. How you look is a major marker for how you will do in Trump’s world. You need to look the part for him to imagine you in the job,” wrote CNN in a July 3rd article.