CNN’s Sally Kohn Gets In Serious Career Trouble After Her Book Is Proven To Be Full Of Journalistic Errors

by Donald 0

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As we all know, CNN is filled with irresponsible journalists. CNN’s Sally Kohn, recently wrote a book called “The Opposite Of Hate”. The book’s premise is “I want to understand how hate infects our entire society. And I want to know how we can fight back.” The book basically defines hate as Trump supporters.

However, it’s not only Trump supporters she pissed off. It’s also the people she misquoted in her book. Podcast host Aminatou Sow accused Kohn of misquoting her.

“My friend writer Aminatou Sow has cautioned that there’s a compounding unfairness, even oppression, in expecting the most marginalized among us to take the high road. “Why is it black women are always asked to do the work,” Aminatou chides one day as we’re in a cab and I’m telling her about my book. “Once you’re provoked, the rules of engagement change,” she adds, “and I can f*cking kill you and I’m justified in doing that” — metaphorically speaking,” writes Kohn in her book.

Aminatou Sow was pissed. In a twitter tirade, Sow wrote that, first of all, they aren’t friends. The conversation wasn’t an interview, it was a casual conversation. Kohn didn’t get permission to quote her. The quote isn’t accurate, and many of the details surrounding the quote are also inaccurate.

“This quote is explosive and not only do I not remember saying it or Sally asking for my permission to quote me in the car ride, she has admitted to me that she did not go back to factcheck sources in her book. This has been a real education the book editing process. When I approached the Exec. Editor and Publisher at Algonquin, I was told that Sally is “a first time book author*” in defense of her process. I am a zero time book author but this feels sloppy to me,” writes Sow.