CNN’s Toobin Asks Viewers To Imagine How Awful Hillary Clinton Must Feel About SCOTUS Pick

by Donald 0

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CNN is attempting to find out anything wrong with Trump’s supreme court choice that they can think of. Trump made a solid choice, but according to CNN, we must consider the feelings of Hillary Clinton, Merrick Garland, and the other supreme court nominees that he didn’t pick.

“Think about two people who watched tonight. Brett Kavanaugh is a judge on the D.C. Circuit. You know who the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit is? It’s Merrick Garland. How do you think he feels today? I mean, Merrick Garland is a class act. He’s moved on with his life, but the idea that he never got the moment that Kavanaugh is going to get,” said CNN’s Senior Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

“The other person is Trump’s sister, whose advice was not taken. But Hillary Clinton. I mean, Brett Kavanaugh made his name by investigating not just the Starr— not just Whitewater but the Monica Lewinsky part, the sexual details,” said Toobin.

“The tawdry, sorted, deep and dark stuff,” added Chris Cuomo.

“And his, you know, making his name for himself got him on the trajectory that he is today. And Hillary Clinton has to watch yet another Supreme Court nomination that she thought she was going to be able to,” said Toobin. Please cry me a river. Check out the video below.