CNN’s Van Jones Claims “Nobody On Planet Earth” Trusts President Trump, He’s Immediately Proven Wrong

by Donald 0

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True patriots and Trump-loving Americans have been celebrating the great job done by President Trump. The economy is soaring, ISIS is being defeated and more. But according to CNN’s Van Jones “nobody on planet Earth” trusts President Trump.

“Here’s what is amazing, you have President Trump veering to the left of Sanders people on trade, he veers to the left of any Democrat I’ve ever heard on guns, and nobody responds. Why? Because nobody believes a word, he says anyway. That is more dangerous than any of the policy positions. You now have a president of the United States who literally can say anything and nobody on planet Earth beliefs him. That is a crisis,” claimed Jones.

Van Jones isn’t the only reporter to make this type of claim. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd made similar claims.

“One thing we can say for certain about this White House, everything is uncertain. And we mean everything. President Trump just wrapped up a signing ceremony imposing 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum. The build-up toward today’s event began last week after an off-the-cuff announcement from the president that surprised pretty much everyone—Republicans and U.S. allies and even many in the West Wing staff,” said Todd.

“Folks, we said it before, and we’ll say it again sometime soon, do you take this president seriously, literally, neither? One thing is for sure his word is increasingly meaningless. Todays back and forth, will he or wouldn’t he announcement on tariffs is the Trump White House in a nutshell, it’s a near constant state of chaos and confusion,” said Todd. These reporters might be trying to get people to turn on President Trump. But no Trump supporters are falling for it.