CNN’s Zakaria Goes On Hateful Anti-Semitic Rant After Trump Makes Announcement About Israel

by Donald 0

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President Trump is expected to fulfill one of his campaign promises on Wednesday. The United States will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“For a long time, the United States position held that ambiguity or lack of acknowledgement would somehow advance the prospect of peace. It seems clear now that physical location of American embassy is not material to a peace deal. It’s not an impediment to peace fundamentally, and it’s not a facilitator of peace,” said a White House official.

“He has said that he thinks in a sense not making this acknowledgment of reality, one of the central issues, is sort of taking it out, so we can work on the core issues, the deal will help advance the peace, I think that’s fundamentally where his opinion has been on this subject all along,” said the official.

The mainstream media, of course, has reacted with anger. Mostly concerned about hurt Muslim feelings above all else. The most noticeable outburst was from CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

“For the Israelis, the most valuable role the United States can play is as an honest broker. Israel doesn’t need, you know, the United States as an ally anymore in the sense that they’re the most powerful force on the ground, by far. Israel is sort of a regional superpower. And compared to the Palestinians, the disproportion is now just gigantic. What they need is for the United States to have credibility with the Palestinians, so that there can be a meaningful negotiation. If the United States is seen as blatantly one-sided, it doesn’t help. And by the way, this is an issue [moving the embassy to Jerusalem] on which the United States would be siding not with Israel, but with the current Israeli government,” said Zakaria. Check out the video here.