Crazy Lib Kimmel Just Said The Closest Comparison To Trump Is O.J. Simpson

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Instead of telling jokes like he is supposed to, former The Man Show co-host Jimmy Kimmel has turned his ABC late night show into a platform for espousing his leftist politics. Not content to keep them to television, he recently gave an interview to New York magazine where he spouted views even crazier than the ones he shares on his show.

Whoever edited the interview in New York clearly is not totally impressed with Kimmel’s sudden self-importance. They took a not-so-subtle jab at Jimmy by titling the interview article “Jimmy Kimmel: Suddenly He’s Walter Cronkite.”

During the course of his interview, Kimmel shared his anger that Republican outsider Donald Trump was elected president, even going so far as to compare him to ex-wife murderer O.J. Simpson. Began Jimmy about Trump, “I never imagined he would be elected.”

He then described, “The closest thing I can compare it to is when O.J. got acquitted. It never occurred to me that it might happen. There was so much overwhelming evidence that O.J. was guilty, and you believe in the American judicial system. You believe that, for the most part, if somebody did it, they’re going to prison for doing it. We’re in a similar situation: Everything Donald Trump is doing and undoing is bad, bad, bad, and it seems so obvious, and it’s happening anyway.”

Kimmel also managed to throw Ben Stein, the man who gave him his first show business break on Win Ben Stein’s Money, under the bus. At the same time, he compared former President Richard Nixon to Adolf Hitler. Commented Jimmy about Stein, “I know Ben has very fond memories of Richard Nixon. Listen, it’s always different when you know somebody. There are probably people who loved working for Hitler, you know?” Do you think Jimmy Kimmel is an embarrassment?