‘Did You Cry? Did Bill Cry?’ Joy And Whoopi Gush Over Hillary Until Jedediah Bila Shuts Them Up

by Chris Reynolds 0

hillary view

Our attention-starved almost-President Hillary Clinton has evidently made no progress nearly one year out about how she lost the 2016 election. Instead, she wrote a book about it and has used it as an excuse to go on a blood-letting tour of nearly every media outlet to complain about how she lost.

Hillary entered very friendly territory when she appeared on ABC’s talk show The View with liberal hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. As could be predicted, it was a lovefest, with Behar tossing Clinton softball questions like, “Did you cry? Did Bill cry?”

Replied Hillary, “No. We didn’t cry that night. Let me put it that way. First of all, I say in the book and I write really painfully about what happened that night. I felt like I had to, you know, be strong for my family and friends and my supporters. I hadn’t spent any time thinking about a concession speech. I had to write one and deliver it the next day. It wasn’t until that was over and Bill and I got into the back seat of our car and began to drive that I felt like ugh. The adrenaline was just gone.”

Responded Behar, somehow still unaware how the Electoral College works, “You did win in fact!” Said Clinton, “Well, I won the popular vote.” The crowd, of course, cheered for this.

Only conservative Jedediah Bila had the integrity to ask Hillary a hard question, saying to Hillary’s face, “Secretary Clinton I’m a conservative. I have read your back cover to cover because I was really interested in your perspective and still am. One thing that bothered me, if I’m being honest with you, I felt there was some tone deafness as to why–when you say why the race was so close to begin with.” She continued, “I was talking to people throughout the country, I have Trump supporters in my family, that were saying we’re frustrated with rising Obamacare costs we’re frustrated with government overreach, we’re frustrated that we had a president that couldn’t utter radical Islamic extremism with the ease that we wanted him to. Some of those people were voting for Trump based on real issues. Do you acknowledge that? That that was happening?” Are you glad Bila confronted her? Watch below: