Dan Bongino Slams Liberal Idiot Who Thinks He’s A Racist For Being Against Looting

by Donald 0

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Trump supporter and former secret serviceman Dan Bongino slammed liberals who think that talking about looting is somehow racist. He made the comments after an ABC reporter got in trouble with hims fans for tweeting about a super market being robbed in Houston.

“We’ve had complete culture rot. I know this, Tucker, because I saw the mob attack Tom Llamas on Twitter. It was coming from liberals that seem like they’re entitled to the property of other people,” said Bongino.

“Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my family and anyone who knows me, discussing looting now makes you a racist. Not unusual at all from the left. Pretty much everything makes you a racist, which has rendered the term nearly meaningless in polite, political company anymore,” said Bongino.

He then tried to explain why liberals defend looters. “The first (reason) is a real easy one. These are hack, phony frauds who have no lives. Their entire livelihood is based on click bait.”

He then went onto explain that liberals believe “it’s society’s fault. If we were a little more socialist and Communist, or better planners, we wouldn’t have this problem,” said Bongino. He also claimed that liberals view “evil business owners” as the bad guys and not the looters. Check out the video below.