Democratic Congressman Says “People Will Rot In Hell For Besmirching” Comey, Christians Respond

by Donald 0

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James Comey was hated by both Republicans and Democrats before his firing. However, after President Trump fired him, he suddenly became a hero in the eyes of the mainstream media. In a recent interview Democratic Representative Jim Himes claimed that everyone who besmirches Comey’s name will ‘rot in hell.’

“Lots of people, Democrats, lawyers, judges were very concerned by Comey’s breaking of protocol and publicly discussing the Hillary Clinton — remember, it was the Hillary Clinton investigation that he discussed, while there was an investigation of Donald Trump,” started Himes.

“So, you know, we should have a conversation, and I think Jim Comey’s reflective about whether he made the right thing. But the idea that this man is dishonest, and remember, this is all part and parcel of the attempt that the White House is making to besmirch Robert Mueller, a decorated war hero. That’s what is happening here,” said Himes.

“So, yes, let’s have that conversation about whether Jim Comey made the right move in talking about the Hillary Clinton thing, but people will rot in hell for besmirching the reputation, the integrity, and the professional history of these two men,” said Himes.

Many people responded to this clip on social media commenting on how Democrats have done nothing but try to ‘besmirch’ President Trump since the election. And how, suddenly, Democrats believe in hell. Check out the video below.