Democratic Politician’s Sexual Maxim Photo Shoot Gets Exposed, She Responds With Vile Speech Against Men

by Donald 0

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Alejandra Campoverdi is running for California’s 34th district to succeed Rep. Xavier Becerra. She used to work as a model for Maxim and when photos of her came out, she called anyone who paid attention to those photos a sexist.

In response to the photos that she posed for being seen and talked about she wrote an angry article called “I Posed for Maxim and I’m Running for Congress. It Shouldn’t Be That Shocking.”

“Sexism and misogyny are nothing new in politics. Female political staffers and politicians have been facing off-color comments and leering glances and have been excluded from “at capacity” meetings for decades. In fact, I assumed I’d already faced my biggest dose of sexism back in 2009,” explained Campoverdi.

She went to explain her history, including her time as a model, and being raised by illegal aliens in the United States. “I just didn’t expect for my next free fall to take place because of my underwear — and in front of the entire White House. I was raised by a single mom and by my grandmother, who both immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico,” she wrote.

“Yet when I recently found myself forced to answer questions about Maxim by a reputable newspaper in my official announcement for Congress, I knew I had to speak out about this double standard. Enough already.
Men get to be broad and complicated and contradictory. Yet as women, we aren’t granted the whole person. We get typecast as the Sexy One, the Brainy One, the Girl Next Door,” explained Campoverdi.